An Explanation of Some Conformation Terms

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On the right is an example of a good epagneul breton head. Ears are set well on the head and not too low. triangular in shape, slightly rounded at the tip, not too short nor too long, partially covered with longer or wavy hair with the extremity being covered by short hair (in other words […]


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If you’d like a sweet, loving, playful adult companion, consider adopting a rescued french brittany! The life you save will probably become your most beloved companion. French brittanys do not make good “kennel” dogs because of their personal devotion to their owners and their need for the companionship of those they love so much. If […]


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The question of whether to spay or neuter your dog is one that all responsible dog owners need to consider. This article is not meant to usurp the advice of your personal veterinarian, nor to dispense veterinarian advice, but rather discuss questions we’ve all had and to pass on information gleaned from various veterinarian sources. […]