Do I Have Social Security Debts?

The latest news shows us scandalous cases of liens and legal problems of families with Social Security debts. Debts unknown and that catch us perfectly unprepared. In this article we will show you how to know if you have Social Security debts so you can take precautions.


Avoid Fines and Hells

Avoid Fines and Hells

If you want to avoid fines and hassles you have to know your situation with Social Security . With the State is not joked because the process of execution of debts is much more aggressive and fast. Fortunately, many families are already aware of the potential impact of the disruption of their tax situation , which is the first step to take the reins. Never forget that responsibility is always yours.


How to consult the Social Security Portal

The state has modernized and improved the channels of communication with taxpayers. The Social Security portal (known as Social Security Direct) has had substantial improvements and already allows for an immediate consultation of its contributory situation. To access your reserved area you must have your Social Security number (NSS) and password. If you do not have your password (or if you have already lost it) you should ask for it. It will be sent by mail to the registered address.


Steps To Know If You Have Social Security Debts

Steps To Know If You Have Social Security Debts

After accessing your reserved area in Social Security Direct you should follow the following steps:

  • Requests
  • Declaration
  • Contributory situation
  • Start order.


The Absence of Knowledge I Do not Forgive

You may have questions or you may not know the law. However, this does not mean that it is not responsible for the consequences that result. In this way, we always suggest regular consultation of your reserved area and contact with the support lines.

Do not let delay the clarification of doubts. If you have any debt to Social Security and if you do not act quickly you will suffer the consequences of default interest and associated penalties.


It’s Also Possible To Know If You Have Bank Debts


Did you know that several people who contact SW Audit are not sure how many credits they have and what their characteristics? It was created a few years ago a tool of consultation of its debts to the Banks. It is the map of credit liabilities that is often known as the BD Bank blacklist .

You should check your map and the map of your spouse regularly (if you are a guarantor, do it every month) to see how your credit life is. You can check here your credit map. Then, if you want an opinion about your level of indebtedness and the potential savings with your credits you can ask one of SW Audit’s consultants.